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Bram Schot,
CEO, Audi

Bram Schot took on a challenging post. As the new head of Audi, he is in charge of restoring the premium carmaker's leading position while at the same time making sure transformational issues are integrated into the company. Following the Diesel debacle, Schot aims to make a new start. With its e-tron, Audi is already setting a new course. Schot, who hails from The Netherlands, was born 1961, in Rotterdam. Before being appointed as acting head of Audi AG in June 2018, Schot was a member of the Board of Management for sales and marketing. He began his career with Daimler AG, and then switched to Volkswagen Group in 2011. He studied at the University of Bradford, finishing with a Master of Business Administration. Schot is married and has two children.