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Ola Källenius,
CEO, Daimler

The beginning was tough. Just a month after Ola Källenius, 50, took over at Daimler, the corporation shocked investors with a profit warning. It was the third one in a year. This time, it was the due to the higher costs triggered by the diesel scandal. It was not the Swedish chairman's fault, of course, since the problems had taken place before his time. What it does show, however, is the sheer weight of the burden he has to deal with. Add to this the high investments in electromobility, trade wars, and tough CO2 regulations enacted by the EU. So far, Källenius has addressed these challenges with a cool smile. "We have to become even more Swabian," he said at his first public appearance as the new head of Daimler. He was referring to the austerity programme that he enacted together with the works council. But he hasn't yet revealed the overarching master plan, with which he intends to lead the company into the future.