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Stefan Krause,
Founder Canoo/Evelozcity

Stefan Krause, born in 1962, is co-founder of the Californian electric-car start-up Canoo (formerly called Evelozcity). He grew up with cars. His father was the CEO of the VW sales organisation in Columbia, where Krause was born and raised. After completing his studies, he started a career at BMW in Munich, where he worked in Controlling. With the support of Joachim Milberg and Helmut Panke, Krause rose through the ranks at BMW to become CFO. In 2008, he quit the automobile industry and switched to Deutsche Bank. In 2017, he decided to try out something completely new. He went to Faraday Future, a new manufacturer of electric cars, but then decided to move on. But he did stay in California and launched his own business. He, together with Ulrich Kranz and Richard Kim, are in the process of setting up a platform for electric vehicles.