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Congress Voices

"The Automobilwoche Kongress delivered the perfect arc of suspense between the ten start-ups, the auto industry and dealers."
Franco C. Barletta, former Jürgens-Gruppe

"I'm thrilled how well the congress is organized. The speakers are excellent. You've brought in the right speakers and chosen the right themes."
Bo Inge Andersson, Bo Group Enterprises

This year's event revealed how quickly and rigorously change is affecting the auto industry. You really feel like getting involved, since there'll be so much created in the near future. I could sense a rich dynamic and felt extremely comfortable at the congress. I've learned that for leaders change management is more important than ever."
Winfried Vahland, formerly Škoda

"The Automobilwoche Kongress met all my expectations. Two days of controversial ideas and discussions."
Horst Binnig, KSPG

"For me, Alain Visser's spirited talk on day two was particularly inspiring. This fellow thinks out of the box, especially when it comes to marketing today. On day one, I followed the presentations of the start-ups with special interest. There were some very innovative concepts for the future, about where the industry is heading. And the party in the evening was simply great."
Jürgen Pieper, Metzler Bank

"For the tenth time, now, your event has attracted the Who's Who of the automotive industry."
Karl-Thomas Neumann, Opel

"Excellent speakers and a superb session with the start-ups. The topics presented proved that those involved are really up to date on the issues."
Dieter Althaus, Magna Europe

"First of all, let's mention that the event attracted numerous top executives. This fostered very open and high-level discussions both at the gala dinner and during the event itself. On top of that the presentations were very interesting and progressive. This congress is a true highlight. So it was really worth being here and to enjoy the discussions."
Stefan Sommer, ZF Friedrichshafen

"Great atmosphere! The speakers I heard were all good. Automobilwoche grasped the whole idea of networking and together with the start-ups it was exciting. I didn't have Alain Visser on my radar previously, he was quite fascinating."
Emma Begley, BMW

There was nothing that did not appeal to me at the congress. All the important topics were addressed by the speakers and analyzed from different perspectives. The audience was high level, and I had some great conversations with other delegates. I already put the event down in my schedule for next year."
Jochen Siebert, JSC Automotive

A professional line-up of speakers with professional participants. All topics that are currently on the table were addressed and will be challenging the industry in the future."
Karl Krause, Kiekert

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